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Premenstrual Syndrome is worse when there is nerve interference

pms-1It’s not all in your head! If there’s evidence of nerve compromise to your reproductive organs, chiropractic care may help.

Estimates suggest that up to 90{9af40bf80e52f11aa5d7472b6ee2426c1e641e46093dbc3d29b8bc21a0ebb17e} of women suffer from some form of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) with 10 -20{9af40bf80e52f11aa5d7472b6ee2426c1e641e46093dbc3d29b8bc21a0ebb17e} experiencing severe or disabling symptoms. If you’re resolved not to give in to menstrual or premenstrual discomfort, and you want a natural solution that avoids drugs, many women turn to chiropractic.

The Lumbar Spine
Your nervous system controls and regulates every cell, tissue, organ and system of your body. The spine, especially in the lower back, can impair nerves that direct and monitor the reproductive and hormonal systems. Could undetected subluxations be involved in other female health issues? More research is needed. However, our experience suggests that this would be fertile ground for more investigation.

The Effects
We typically see three types of effects which may be symptoms of nervous system dysfunction.

  • Over activity – such as heavy bleeding or severe cramping.
  • Under activity – including missed periods or infertility.
  • Distorted activity – cells that normally line the uterus, implant elsewhere causing bleeding, pain and reduced fertility.

pms-2The Promise of Chiropractic
While chiropractic care isn’t a treatment for PMS (or any other condition), many women with spinal distortions have seen an improvement in their reproductive health while undergoing chiropractic care. Restoring a more normally functioning nervous system helps the entire body work the way it’s supposed to.

If you, or someone you love, is put out of commission every month, encourage her to come in for a thorough chiropractic examination. If there’s nerve interference, there’s a good chance we can help.

Conditions & Symptoms


“From 1992 to 1998, I proudly served ‘in the United States Army. During my tenure in the Army, I sustained numerous injuries and illnesses, ranging from training and automobile accident to food poisoning and Asthma. The most detrimental of which, was the Asthma.

It began around, November of 1997, while stationed at Ft. Rucker, Alabama. I began to feel ill. I had difficulty breathing, a general tightness in my chest, excessive coughing and sneezing, and a general “run down” feeling. At first I just shrugged it off, and thought it was just a cold, but the symptoms persisted. No matter what I did, I just wasn’t feeling better.

Eventually, I finally decide to go to the clinic. After a series of routine tests didn’t show anything out of the ordinary, the Army physicians began to investigate the situation further. What followed were a series of examinations that I will not soon forget.

When it was all said and done, The exams showed that I had developed an allergic reaction to trees, grass, dust, animal dander and just about anything else you can think of This was a direct result of exposure to chemicals. The allergies soon led to Asthma. I went from being able to run 5+ miles a day, to barely being able to walk one, within 1 year’s time.

Upon the results of the examination and the Army Medical Board, I was soon medically retired from the Army, and moved tom California.

Upon arrival to California, I had several friends and family members tell me about the benefits of chiropractic care. But like most others I was skeptical. Then one day I had injured myself and finally decided to go see Dr. Hawn.

Dr. Hawn really took good care of me. He gave me a thorough exam and started me on a rigorous rehabilitation program. While in the care of Dr. Hawn, I have experience a general improvement in my health, both physically and emotionally. I have also been able to greatly reduce the amount and frequency of medication use. I feel better, look better, and I am able to do most of the things that I used to do before I got sick.”

David Gonzalez
U.S. Army Retired

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A big thanks for all the terrific chiropractic care this year

“A big thanks for all the terrific chiropractic care this year.  God has truly given you a very special gift and talent.  And we especially appreciate everything you’ve done for us while Cheryl has been ill.  We both wish you, your family, and your office staff a very Merry Christmas, and all God’s best for the New Year!”

Mark and Cheryl
Laguna Niguel

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..he genuinely and sincerely cares about his patients

I have known Dr. Hawn for over 2 years.  Unlike numerous success stories you’ll read, I am not a patient.  I’ve collaborated with Dr. Hawn over the last two years developing his digital presence to tell others about his services.  I have learned a great deal about Dr. Hawn’s character, his proficiency in the field of Chiropractic Care, and most importantly his genuine interest in the wellbeing of those he serves.

Throughout Dr. Hawn’s website a visitor learns of Dr. Hawn’s depth of knowledge in the field Chiropractic Care along with his formal education at the prestigious Palmer College of Chiropractic.  Credentials and knowledge are factors in considering a health care professional, and many visitors to his website, just like you choose Dr. Hawn because he genuinely and sincerely cares about his patients.  Dr. Hawn’s patients include the young, old, women, men, and even individuals that seek his expertise on preventative care.

Dr. Hawn is my client, he’s also a friend, and If you were led to this testimonial seeking assurance that the decision you’ll make today to call him is good decision, then you are absolutely correct.  Call Dr. Hawn, he will help you improve the quality of your life through professional Chiropractic Care!  Finally, in so far as I’m aware, Dr. Hawn is the only mobile chiropractor in Orange County. . he comes to you to help you!  Call him now at 949-388-0800.

-Dan R.


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