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There’s 2 things you must know about a Herniated Disc and Herniated Disc Surgery

Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

Discs are simply the spacers between your spine.  They act as shock absorbers.  Have you ever ridden in or seen a car with bad shocks?  It is extremely uncomfortable as you go over bumps.  This is similar to a problem when discs are not working properly… your spine compresses together and it’s commonly known as Herniated Disc.

herniated discThere are different types of damage that can occur to the discs.

Herniation Disc or slipped disc is when the disc protrudes or bulges which can cause a lot of pain or discomfort.

Disk Degeneration is when a disc is literally wasting away by drying out, being worn out via misaligned vertebrae or abnormal compression. It is literally dying. This can cause pain in the area of the damage.

Signs of a disc problem in the neck

  • Pain that radiates down the arm.
  • Pain when lifting up the arm.
  • Numbness or tingling along a certain defined area of the arm as outlined below.
  • Intermittent numbness in the fingers of one hand and not the other
    • 4th and 5th finger(pinkie) of hand
    • Middle finger
    • Thumb and index finger
    • Combination of any of the above

Signs of a disc problem in the Low Back

  • Low back pain above the beltline
  • Pain radiating down a leg. Usually one or the other. Rare to have it in both.
  • Numbness or burning sensation over a defined portion of the leg. Eg: Upper thigh but not the lower leg.
  • Difficult getting out of a sitting position
  • Pain when you have a cough, sneeze or hard bowel movement
  • Numbness in the toes

Do You Have Disc Problems? It May be a Herniated Disc!

If you are having trouble with your discs or you suspect that you may have disc problems, your only 2 options are a chiropractor or a major surgery (which may or may not work).  Spine magazine published a study recently outlining how patients faired two years after low back surgery.

Here’s what they found:

  • Only 26{9af40bf80e52f11aa5d7472b6ee2426c1e641e46093dbc3d29b8bc21a0ebb17e} of surgery patients were able to get back to work.
  • 36{9af40bf80e52f11aa5d7472b6ee2426c1e641e46093dbc3d29b8bc21a0ebb17e} had some kind of post-surgical complication and 27{9af40bf80e52f11aa5d7472b6ee2426c1e641e46093dbc3d29b8bc21a0ebb17e} needed another operation.
  • 76{9af40bf80e52f11aa5d7472b6ee2426c1e641e46093dbc3d29b8bc21a0ebb17e} needed opioid pain medication after the surgery (opioid use increased by 41{9af40bf80e52f11aa5d7472b6ee2426c1e641e46093dbc3d29b8bc21a0ebb17e} after the surgery).
  • 11{9af40bf80e52f11aa5d7472b6ee2426c1e641e46093dbc3d29b8bc21a0ebb17e} were permanently disabled.

herniated discDo not let them cut you!

Before you arrange to have yourself put under a knife, check out the non- invasive option of chiropractic. You cannot “uncut” and even those commercials that say minimally invasive surgery for spinal problems, they are still cutting you. It is just with a laser instead of a knife.

But without seeing a doctor, how would I know if a disc was involved with my low back pain?

Let me repeat some of the tell – tell signs of a disc involvement.

If any of the descriptions listed below give you pain when you do them, then it is highly probable that your disc is being irritated. The more you have, the worse you are.

  1. A cough or sneeze
  2. Difficulty getting up out of the sitting position
  3. A hard bowel movement
  4. Bearing down or straining
  5. Is your body bent in an awkward position? In others words, are you NOT straight when you look at yourself in the mirror?

There is a Safe and Natural Solution…

No drugs, no surgery, no recovery time, no permanent scarring and tissue damage.  Try Dr. Chris Hawn before giving up or giving in. We will take care of YOU, using the latest safest and most gentle chiropractic techniques available today.  Chiropractic is the SAFE and Natural approach to health care.  Better health can lead to not only more years in your life, but more life in your years!

 “Back surgery can generally cost, for those over 50, anywhere from fifty thousand dollars to ninety thousand dollars. It can be more or less depending on the age of the patient and the specific surgery.”

Reference: health.costhelper.com

Call us today at 949 388-0800 and let us get you back to health.

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A big thanks for all the terrific chiropractic care this year

“A big thanks for all the terrific chiropractic care this year.  God has truly given you a very special gift and talent.  And we especially appreciate everything you’ve done for us while Cheryl has been ill.  We both wish you, your family, and your office staff a very Merry Christmas, and all God’s best for the New Year!”

Mark and Cheryl
Laguna Niguel

Only one treatment and I felt immediate relief

“Hi, I’m Terry Hawn, Dr. Hawn’s wife. You’ve heard the old saying that the shoemaker’s children have no shoes. Well what that means is usually the shoemaker is so busy making shoes for other people that he’s too busy to make shoes for his own family. Not so with my husband, and I’m not just going to sing his praises because he’s my husband. I’m the first to say if something isn’t right. But I will tell you that my husband really saved my life with a treatment called Vibration Wave on what was diagnosed as Morton’s Neuroma. It was a major pain under my left foot.

It was so painful; this bundling of nerves that surgery, according to most podiatrists, was the only offered solution. Dr Hawn acquired this fabulous piece of equipment that breaks up scar tissue and adhesions and has evolved its application into what is now called Vibration Wave Therapy. While testing, he applied only one treatment and I felt immediate relief. So I’m not just blowing smoke, I’m telling you that this vibration wave treatment really works. So, I’m hoping maybe you too will give it a try.”

Terry Rifkin-Hawn

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You have done so much more I feel I’m in control of my life

“When I first came to you, I felt I was just surviving.  I’d been to other chiropractors before, and obtained temporary relief.  You have done so much more  I feel I’m in control of my life and am learning to live, something I wasn’t sure would ever happen.  Wearing my orthotics and doing my daily “head hangs” is a small price for what it gives me back quality of life!

Never forget – this patient thinks you are the very best!”

Kathy Tilley

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